Printing Sizes & Materials

At present, the biggest size we print is 223 x 223 x 305mm. People often imagine that printing an item as large as possible will improve the visibility of detail, but here at Handy Dan’s, we aim to produce small prints while maintaining the all-important fine detail of your designs.

Does your project require a more exotic or unique filament? At Handy Dan’s, we can use a number of different materials to provide you with various printing options, and help you make an informed choice as to what might be the best elements to use to realise your project, in a unique and beautiful way. Currently we use Woodfil, Metlfil, and even flexible filament (listed in the gallery below*).

As creators, we are all about the ‘new’, but that doesn’t mean we don’t value nature. Millions around the world, and the businesses that cater to them, have to recognise the damage humans do to the planet that supports us, and we have a duty to protect the environment as much as possible. Our commitment to quality means we consider all costs, including those to the natural world. As a forward-thinking, eco-conscious company, Handy Dan’s works with a supplier called Filamentive that specialise in producing recycled filaments; and as more research and development brings about more easily recyclable materials, we aim to become as ecologically friendly as possible by the end of 2018.